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This stunning Tree of Life pendant features a combination of Aventurine and Carnelian gemstones, known for their grounding and balancing properties. The intricate wire design adds a touch of elegance to this unique piece, making it perfect for adding a natural, earthy vibe to any outfit. Aventurine is believed to bring luck and prosperity, while Carnelian is thought to promote courage and creativity, making this pendant not only a beautiful accessory, but also a meaningful one. The Tree of Life symbolizes growth and strength, making it a powerful symbol to wear close to your heart. Whether you wear it as a necklace or use it as a charm for your hair or jewelry, this pendant is sure to draw attention and bring a sense of harmony and positivity to your day.

Tree of Life Pendant in Aventurine and Carnelian


A Silverplate wire wrapped Tree of Life/Arbolita de Vida Pendant with Aventurine and Carnelian stones. Pendant measures 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches wide.  





Semi-Precious Stones: Aventurine, Carnelian

Wire: Sterling Silverplate with Copper core


Care and Storage of Jewelry

Always store your jewelry flat or hanging in a felt lined box or felt bag and clean tarnished metals with a soft dry jewelry cloth.  Plated, vermeil and filled metals will last a long time with proper care and storage.  Always go easy with the polishing cloth for these metals since this action removes layers of the oxidized metal. Never use metal cleaners (pastes, powders or liquids) or soak your jewelry in chemicals as this will scratch the metals and damage the semi-precious stones and or pearls.  (Also, soaking will damage or weaken the beading wire.) Note, the wire is flexible but will kink or lose its shape if bent. Store your jewelry flat or hanging in a circular shape to prevent kinks in the beading wire.  

Lastly, enjoy your jewelry and wear it often!  


***Does not contain nickel, zinc or lead products***

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